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Cserediákunk, Bonnie levele otthonról


Rotary Club Budapest-Tabán

„Nem fogok írni magyarul mert túl nehéz nekem. Szóval most angolul:

I've been home over one week. It's still unbelievable for me. Everything has changed so much, myself and my city. Everyday I'm still thinking about my exchange so much. I'm thinking about those good memories and bad ones. I wish I could go back and be on the metro again. But at the same time I feel really grateful for this amazing year. It changed me and made me more socialized. I'm getting used to my original life here in Taiwan again and brave enough to try things I used to afraid of. I got to see European lifestyle and now I'm trying to change myself into that. That's actually a big change and it's worth changing too. I feel happy about it that I finally know what "life" is and make it come true. There is too much I learned from this year. I'm really really appreciated. Thanks to all of you. I hope one day I can still go to Rotary meeting and get some nice food        




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